Stiaan Viljoen

Stiaan Viljoen has a wealth of experience in security management services, fulfilling the roles of Loss Control Practitioner and Security Consultant. As a customer focussed thinker and entrepreneur, he is highly skilled at coming up with solutions in the retail security sector. His qualifications include a BA Degree from the University of Pretoria, majoring in Psychology. He has also held senior positions at Stuttafords and CAN Stores, as Group Security Manager and Loss Control Executive respectively. He used this expertise to establish ISMS – Integrated Security Management Services and continues to expand in the sector, such as this role of Shareholder in ATSS.

General Adriano Mucuapera

General Adriana Mucuapera is an established leader in security services. Starting with a degree in Political Science, he rose through the ranks of the Maputo Police with achievements such as Maputo Province Police Commander, Commander of Maputo City Police and Director of Operation at the Police Commander of Maputo City. His last position before his involvement with ATSS was as Director of Social Services for the Police of the Republic of Mozambique. With over 35 years of service and excellent leadership qualifications he is a valued shareholder of ATSS.

Aurelio Carlos Mazias

Not only is Aurelio Carlos Mazias the General Director of ATSS, he is also our marketing and business management guru. With a degree in Marketing and extensive experience in Director roles in various local companies such as Mokp Ida where he was the Managing Director and Founding Partner, Perola Negra and 3RC, where he was in management and marketing roles, as well as being the Sports Director at the Show de Bola and the Editorial Director of the Show de bola newspaper. He is a man with his finger on the pulse of what is relevant and is well versed in the inner workings of businesses in Mozambique and is able to adequately assess and meet the needs of our clients. His expertise is integral to the smooth running and success of ATSS.

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